A Vacancy Fest was held in AIU

November 20, 2023

On November 18, 2023, the Vacancy Fest was held, the main organizers of which were AIU, Codify and Namba Group. The large-scale event attracted more than 60 companies, including HR grade, Cbonds, Forester, Kands Software, Unique IT Solutions, IWEX, Infocom, Companion Bank, Commercial Bank of Kyrgyzstan, Halyk Bank, Bank of Asia, mobile operators O! and Megacom, etc.

This event provided a unique platform for students to find a suitable dream job, and for the company to find the perfect employee. Representatives of the companies made informative presentations and master classes. They also emphasized such personal and professional qualities of the candidate as the ability to communicate effectively and make decisions, leadership qualities, technical savvy, a high sense of responsibility, etc.

“Today, along with technical skills, the most attractive quality in a candidate is soft skills, such as communication skills, critical thinking and idea generation. Such and other types of quality make a specialist more competitive and in demand.” – stressed the representative of Codify. 

AIU expresses its gratitude to the representatives of companies and students for their active participation!